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Maureen Pace

Maureen Pace and her husband have owned a variety of birds, but now just have two peach-faces which, she says, provide great company.

She intends to write more books since she retired from her marketing job.

She started with this subject because someone told her to write about something she knew and was enthusiastic about. She also wanted to share what she knew about parrots for people like a close friend that told Maureen that, “My parrot makes more work for me than our children ever did!”

Maureen says, “I love my parrots and I’m very grateful to my husband for giving me the first one two years ago.”

“I’ve seen and heard a lot of great advice and some friends that have shared their experiences which has been really helpful, but the best lessons have come from my parrots!”

“For them and all the other parrots that give so many people companionship and help to make their lives lots more interesting, I have tried to make clear the those parts of keeping a parrot that some people might regard as negatives so that my readers have their eyes open when they decide to get their first parrot.

There’s also plenty of information that I believe will help people that already have a parrot and may have found it difficult to get answers to some of their questions.


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